The Greystone.Net team is comprised of seasoned professionals, each with extensive and valuable experience working in the healthcare industry. We are diverse, yet interrelated, in our areas of specialization. The disciplines of healthcare planning and marketing characterized our strategic orientations when the company was young. This provided a unique way to interpret technology trends and the opportunities that were on the horizon for healthcare providers.

We are proud of having long term clients and building lifelong relationships with our clients. We believe this is due to our great teams and honest approach.

The staff includes:

Kathy Divis

Kathy has helped to pioneer the establishment of a variety of effective marketing programs, including the growth of call centers within the healthcare industry. Integrating the Web with the call center is a special expertise Kathy has developed as one of the founding partners of Greystone.Net. Her early, groundbreaking efforts to integrate call center functions have contributed greatly to the advancement of telephony strategies in healthcare. Formerly the Director of Marketing for the Emory University Health Care System in Atlanta, Kathy has held similar positions at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center in Philadelphia and the University of Alabama Medical Center in Birmingham. She was named the Young Marketer of the Year by The Alliance for Healthcare Strategy and Marketing in 1998, an award honoring innovative marketers under the age of 40.

Michael Schneider

Mike has helped over 75 healthcare organizations develop Internet-related strategic plans. Approximately two decades of experience in the healthcare industry qualified Mike to assume this major role with clients in developing the planning process, as well as overseeing the design and deployment of Web sites and collateral marketing materials. Before joining Greystone.Net, Mike was the Director of Database Management and Research for Emory University Health Care System in Atlanta. He has also assumed marketing and planning responsibilities for the National Office of the American Cancer Society (ACS) in Atlanta and St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, Ohio. Mike's leadership in strategic consulting has helped to build Greystone.Net's pre-eminence in this specialized field.

Eric Crews

Eric has worked in the graphic design field for nearly a decade and is Creative Services Director for Greystone.Net. He is accomplished in both Web site design and development, and draws on his creative skills and technical experience to prepare and maintain consumer-friendly, fully functional Web sites for Greystone.Net clients. Before joining Greystone.Net, Eric designed and developed Web sites for clients of Kaplan Communications and Pangaea Technologies, both based in Atlanta. While at Kaplan, Eric developed over 200 Web sites for the BellSouth RealPages.com. In addition to Web site development, Eric oversees the design of marketing/promotional materials used in print and online mediums. He is well-versed in the use of software programs such as Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Quark, InDesign, Director, ImageReady, Flash, Fireworks and Illustrator.

Laura Clemons

Laura is the Director of Strategic Operations for Greystone.Net and is focused on Internet strategic planning, Web site assessments and other strategic operations. Prior to working at Greystone.Net, she was employed at Network Communications, Inc. (NCI) as a Business Analyst. In this position, she served as a liaison between internal and external clients in order to achieve strategic, tactical, and project goals. She was responsible for researching and gathering business rules and Web site specifications to ensure end user satisfaction. Before NCI, Laura worked as a Marketing Analyst for six years within the Internet Marketing Group of Haas Publishing Company. Laura graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing and earned a Master of Business Administration, with a health emphasis, from Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Farrah Hunt

Farrah is Greystone.Net's Director of Consulting. She began her career as a Marketing Coordinator for a professional speaker within the technology realm. She has healthcare experience from Floyd Hospital in Rome, GA and has significant experience in the retail arena including working directly with Web operations for Home Depot and Bossmate. Farrah graduated from Berry College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing.

Sherry C. Vinyard

Sherry is Greystone's Analytics Manager. Her professional management experience allows her to manage a wide variety of responsibilities for Greystone.Net, and you will likely interact with Sherry, in a variety of ways, if you become a Greystone.Net client. She is a Georgia native and graduated from George State University in 1998 earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology.

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Greystone.Net helps hospitals and health systems develop and execute healthcare Web, intranet, Internet and portal strategies and plans. Steeped in both healthcare experience and Web knowledge, Greystone.Net works with hospitals and health systems to evaluate their Web sites and strategies, and plan their next generation Web sites. Greystone.Net helps hospitals and health systems understand their Web analytics, make decisions about Web Content, select Web products and services, redesign their user interfaces and sites, design and implement interactive marketing programs, build SEO techniques and integrate their call centers with their Web sites.

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