• Flash and search engines

    by Greystone Administrator | Jul 07, 2008
    You may have caught the news that Adobe has released technology to Google and Yahoo that supposedly translates the text and links in any Flash file into something the search engines can work with. Taken at face value, that’s good news for any site that uses Flash. But as this great post by Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch points out, being found is

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  • Greystone.Net 2.0?

    by Greystone Administrator | Jul 02, 2008
    Hardly. If you have heard any of us speak on the topic, you know our opinion of anything 2.0 (Web 2.0, Health 2.0, etc.). It's the ultimate buzzword. "Social media," on the other hand, is very real. Entities and individuals are using social media tools to connect with the world around them in increasing numbers and frequency.So, it should be

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  • Protecting your brand online could cost a fortune

    by Greystone Administrator | Jun 30, 2008
    Did you catch the news? ICANN appears ready to open the universe to any URL suffix anybody wants to buy. You may have already invested heavily in, .com, .biz, .edu, etc., along with the various permutations of that (positive and negative), but get ready to take another run at it. In simple terms, just as an example, the Mayo Cli

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  • Have You Thought About Net Neutrality and its Impact on Healthcare?

    by Kathy Divis | Apr 16, 2008
    I recently co-authored an article for the Marketing Health Services Journal about the potential impact of the loss of Net Neutrality on healthcare. I thought I would share some of the thoughts and concepts about it in this post. Network Neutrality refers to a guiding principle that preserves the free and open Internet. No discrimination. It prev

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  • New Benchmarking Category

    by Laura Clemons | Feb 01, 2008
    I would like to introduce myself as one of the newest members of the Greystone.Net team. My name is Andrew Roberts, and I will have responsibility for the Benchmarking product. My background is in research and marketing, and my primary interest is helping healthcare providers use data and other information to make better strategic marketing decisio

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  • Laura Clemons

    by Greystone Administrator | Feb 01, 2008
    Laura Clemons has been recently hired as a Healthcare Consultant to aid in Internet strategic planning and website assessment.   Laura has held several career positions adding diversification and depth to our organization. Prior to working at Greystone.Net, Laura was employed with Network Communications, Inc. (NCI) as a Business Analyst.  She ac

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  • Farrah Hunt

    by Greystone Administrator | Feb 01, 2008
    Farrah Hunt joined Greystone as a Healthcare Consultant. She began her career as a Marketing Coordinator for a professional speaker within the technology realm. She has healthcare experience from Floyd Hospital in Rome, GA and has significant experience in the retail arena including working directly with Web operations for Home Depot and Bossmate. 

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  • Eric Crews

    by Greystone Administrator | Feb 01, 2008
    Eric has worked in the graphic design field for nearly a decade and is Creative Services Director for Greystone.Net. He is accomplished in both Web site design and development, and draws on his creative skills and technical experience to prepare and maintain consumer-friendly, fully functional Web sites for Greystone.Net clients. Before joining Gre

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