Happy Spring!

by Sara Foster | Mar 20, 2017

Happy first day of Spring! If you’re in the northeast, you’re digging out from winter storm Stella, and we hate it for you. Here in the Atlanta area, we’ve already had several episodes of spring-like weather and are more than ready for spring to settle in for good! (Although, truth be told – we don’t much care for the clouds of yellow pine pollen that will settle EVERYWHERE over the next few weeks as part of the spring ritual.)

As the weather warms up and the trees and flowers start to bloom, many of us start thinking about that old traditional rite of spring: that's right, spring cleaning.

Although spring cleaning is hard work, there’s nothing better than the feeling of a house or office that has been deep cleaned and cleared of clutter. Some may even get really ambitious and throw in a little painting or furniture rearranging, just for laughs.

Just as our houses need a good cleaning, occasionally our digital strategies need a good going-over as well. Have you launched a new strategy in the past year? If so, this may be a good time to assess just how effectively that new plan has been executed. Or maybe you already know it needs some mid-course adjustments. If you haven’t yet implemented those tweaks, you might celebrate the Vernal Equinox by doing just that!

Yes, spring is a time of renewal … let’s chant that thought as we all move forward into 2017. If we can help you unclutter and reinvigorate, just let us know. We're here, and we're really happy to say ... so is Spring!

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