• How Marketing Automation Can Improve Your Hospital

    by Laura Clemons | Dec 19, 2016
    What’s the point of marketing automation? Basically, it’s all about making your hospital money. Three years into its marketing automation program, Kindred Healthcare has seen an ROI of 90:1 with marketing automation. Lori Riggs, Senior Director of Experience Marketing at Kindred Healthcare, said the organization earned millions of dollars in revenue because of it.

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  • Top 4 Takeaways from #HCIC16

    by Sara Foster | Dec 16, 2016
    Read Neil Mammele's perspective on the recent #HCIC16 and his top 4 takeaways.

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  • How to Outsmart Google With Your Content

    by Laura Clemons | Dec 10, 2016
    Don’t think about your hospital’s content as thousands and thousands of pages. Instead, look at it page-by-page. That’s the point the two presenters at “Make Your Health Content Smarter Than Google” wanted to get across at Greystone’s Healthcare Internet Conference.

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  • How to Spend Smarter on PPC Campaigns

    by Laura Clemons | Dec 04, 2016
    At one point in time, Norton Healthcare had more than 8,000 keyword search terms for their PPC campaigns. This was driving Christy Belden nuts. As the Director of Digital Media, she inherited this “behemoth” of keywords. “All these keywords were really broadly focused,” Belden says. “And we were beholden to our stakeholders. They’d say, ‘I want another hundred keywords for my service line,’ and we’d do it for them. We didn’t have a clear path to conversion for these keywords, either.”

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  • Guess What? Your CRM is More Than Just a Database

    by Laura Clemons | Nov 20, 2016
    A CRM (customer relationship management) isn’t just a database. It’s a strategy. That’s what the trio of speakers said during the “CRM: If You Are Still on the Sidelines, Let’s Get You in the Game” presentation at Greystone’s Healthcare Internet Conference. “There are two components behind a CRM system,” Lisa Meade, Vice President of Solution Intelligence at Healthgrades says. “Yes, your CRM system is a technological database that tracks interactions and enables communications with patients, and increasingly —

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  • #HCIC16 Recap from a Provider Perspective

    by Sara Foster | Nov 17, 2016
    Allen Gottfried from Wake Forest Baptist Health gives his impressions of #HCIC16.

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  • Final Thoughts on #HCIC16

    by Sara Foster | Nov 15, 2016
    A brief summary about the recent 20th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference (#HCIC16).

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  • Service Line Marketing: The Key to Converting More Patients

    by Laura Clemons | Oct 31, 2016
    Service line marketing is a powerful, effective strategy to drive revenue and show impact quickly. Read more.

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