Executive Briefings

Customized educational offerings for hospitals and healthcare systems executive and leadership teams

Digital Executive Briefings are customized, educational offerings for executive hospital leadership teams that are designed to update senior administrators on the state of the art in web-based activities. Greystone.Net develops these sessions with the clients and customizes them to meet specific needs, challenges and hot buttons. Executive Briefings can encompass both consumer-facing websites and intranets or other digital marketing and MarTech topics such as:

  • Web and digital vision, goals and strategies
  • Best practices in web strategy, web development, mobile, social media and digital marketing
  • The transition from MarCom to MarTech
  • CRM business case development and implementation
  • Governance and organizational structures for web and digital activities
  • Staffing and investment for web and digital activities
  • Competitor capabilities and benchmarks
  • Business value and return on investment
  • And others, as needed.