Greystone Journal

The Greystone Journal is our blog. You can use it to contribute to the conversation about Web and Internet related activities in the hospital and healthcare setting. It is a place to talk about the public Web site, the hospital's intranet, physician portals, patient portals, Web infrastructure, and to share your insights and resources.

The blog is open to practitioners and vendors. We encourage you to become part of the conversation.

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Greystone.Net helps hospitals and health systems develop and execute healthcare Web, intranet, Internet and portal strategies and plans. Steeped in both healthcare experience and Web knowledge, Greystone.Net works with hospitals and health systems to evaluate their Web sites and strategies, and plan their next generation Web sites. Greystone.Net helps hospitals and health systems understand their Web analytics, make decisions about Web Content, select Web products and services, redesign their user interfaces and sites, design and implement interactive marketing programs, build SEO techniques and integrate their call centers with their Web sites.

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