Q: Who is Greystone.Net? 

A:  Greystone.Net is a leading provider of web and digital solutions, products and consulting services for healthcare organizations. Greystone.Net advises hundreds of community hospitals, multi-hospital health systems and academic medical centers nationwide. By effectively identifying technological, infrastructure and organizational issues, Greystone.Net helps hospitals and health systems skillfully deploy internet and web solutions. The Greystone.Net team counsels clients as they orchestrate plans that are market-sensitive, strategically oriented and tactically appropriate. Our mission is to provide leadership on all aspects of the healthcare web industry.

Q: Who are some of Greystone.Net's clients? 

A: Our client base is nationwide and includes some of the following healthcare organizations:

Q: What are some of Greystone.Net's Services? 

A: Greystone offers a wide array of internet-related essential services, including:


  • Multi-entity and cross-platform web and digital planning and consulting for consumer-facing websites, intranets and portals

  • Gap Analysis

  • Agile planning services

  • Targeted counsel on specific topics (governance, staffing, budgets, org structures, etc.)

  • Social Media Planning

  • Call Center Planning

Vendor Selection Services
  • Helping healthcare organizations select Content Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems, digital marketing agencies, digital design agencies, call center vendors, etc.

Marketing Support

  • Content Strategy / Writing

  • Creative Services

  • Digital Marketing

  • SEO Strategy


  • A free, automated service to help hospitals compare their website performance to peers nationwide.


  • An online survey to measure user experience and the associated analytics, benchmarks and trending. It is a way to gather information from the always important Voice of the Digital Customer and to use that information to improve the experience of website visitors with your brand.


  • Annual Healthcare Internet Conference.  More information at

  • Let's Talk, our annual client conference

  • Backstage Pass, a webinar series

  • HCIC Rewind, the audio-synced presentations from past HCIC conferences

A detailed description of each product and service is available by clicking on any of the four major categories in this site's top navigation.

Q: How can Greystone.Net help in financial return? 

A: Greystone.Net recommends tracking and evaluating the use of the website to ensure goals established in the internet business plan are being achieved in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

Greystone.Net assists its clients in developing a management reporting system with multiple measures that tracks return on investment in three key areas - utilization, cost effectiveness, and web-generated patient revenue.

Greystone.Net provides an exclusive comparative reporting system that enables clients to compare their performance to industry averages in a variety of web-related benchmarks, such as:

  • Utilization of the website tracked through analysis of web server log files to document the number and trends in user sessions, time spent on the site, most and least accessed pages, source of visitors, etc.

  • Online survey forms, admitting and appointment survey questions, and a quarterly survey to document awareness and preferences regarding the site.

Cost effectiveness of the site tracked through analysis of:

  • Reduction in customer service costs related to answering routine questions (i.e. billing FAQ sheets), transaction processing (i.e. registration for educational classes), and communications cost (i.e., mailings, recruitment, advertising).

  • Budget cost per website user visit, as compared to other forms of community contact.

Revenue generation of the website tracked through analysis of:

  • Physician and outpatient appointments originating from the website.

  • Increased admissions from geographic areas with documented website usage.

  • Sales from online commerce applications, such as gift and DME purchases.

Q: What are the advantages of selecting Greystone.Net? 

A: What sets Greystone.Net apart from other web companies is our ability to deliver measurable results. Our hospital and health system clients are able to achieve their website goals because we begin our work with each one from a strategic business perspective. Greystone.Net's recommendations and products are tied to the organization's existing business plan, implemented in a cost-effective manner and measured to determine return on investment.

Imagine the ability to improve not only your website utilization, but also its effectiveness in reducing customer service costs and enhancing revenue through increased appointments and admissions. Greystone.Net’s products and services are specifically designed to help you get maximum benefits from your website.

More than 300 hospitals and health systems across the country are taking advantage of these benefits. The Greystone.Net client list includes some of the nation's most respected healthcare organizations, such as NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Jefferson Health System, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, The Methodist Hospital, Sharp HealthCare, Spectrum Health and Stanford University Medical Center.

These organizations have discovered that our healthcare industry expertise and strategic business focus have enabled them to use the Internet effectively and productively.

Q: Does Greystone.Net sponsor conferences and seminars? 

A: Greystone.Net actively participates in and sponsors educational conferences for healthcare professionals who have internet-related responsibilities.

Annually, we host the highly-regarded Healthcare Internet Conference, one of the largest national gatherings of healthcare professionals involved in their organization's web-related strategic decision making and marketing. The next one, the 21st Annual Healthcare Internet Conference, will be held at the JW Marriott in  Austin, Texas from October 23 to October 25, 2017. More information is available at

Greystone executives are also available to conduct customized and individualized educational sessions and executive briefings for your organization, executives and physicians.

Q:How can I contact Greystone.Net more information? 

A:  Contact us using the information below:

2951 Flowers Road South
Suite 230
Atlanta, GA 30341
Phone: 770-407-7670
Fax: 770-407-7690

Updated June 2017