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The Latest Healthcare Digital Marketing Articles



  • gSight, Voice of the Digital Customer Solution

    by Sara Foster | Oct 17, 2017
    Learn about an exciting new addition to gSight, Greystone.Net's Voice of the Customer solution!

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  • Impact of Website Experience on Loyalty and Brand Feeling

    by Sara Foster | Aug 09, 2017
    An interpretation of Star rating scores for healthcare professionals.

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  • How Does Your “Front Door” Look?

    by Sara Foster | Feb 22, 2017
    Your website is your virtual "front door." How do your web visitors perceive your front door?

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  • Mini-Case Study: A Website Makeover for Billings Clinic

    by Laura Clemons | Jan 20, 2017
    There’s more livestock than people who live in Montana (3:1, to be exact). But even though the state has a tiny population, Billings Clinic wanted to pay more attention to the people visiting its website. During “Patient Experience and Brand Perception from the Perspective of Your Digital Audience,” Lynne Pinnick, Web Marketing Coordinator, explained how her team made this transformation happen.

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  • How to Prioritize Web Needs

    by Megan Wellborn | Aug 26, 2016
    gSight is a Web survey tool developed through the combined expertise of Greystone.Net and Klein & Partners as the first and only Healthcare-specific survey tool on the market. Healthcare is consistently lagging in digital advancements and our customers consistently expect better. The survey data can be cross tabulated and broken down to teach you more about your users and their opinions of your site.

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  • Website Satisfaction Surveys: Why Is Healthcare The Late Adopter?

    by Sara Foster | Jun 02, 2016
    As a group of healthcare-specific Website consultants, we spend our day-to-day freshening up on the digital trends within and outside of our industry. It’s no secret that healthcare is typically one step behind most industries in the adoption of trendy tech gadgets. And it often makes sense, as we are typically on tighter budgets because marketing

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  • Our Thoughts on #HMPS16

    by Sara Foster | May 27, 2016
    Several people from Greystone.Net attended the 21st Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit in Chicago earlier this week. From all reports, the conference was a success – and the weather was fabulous, too! We asked Kathy Divis, Mike Schneider, Farrah Hunt-Thompson and Megan Wellborn for their key takeaways from the conf

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  • Are you ready for the mobile-only customer?

    by Sara Foster | May 13, 2016
    [Guest post from Neal Linkon, Director, Digital Engagement at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, who will be speaking with Kathy Divis, President, Greystone.Net, at #HMPS16 in Chicago on May 24.] If you are like most hospitals and health systems, half of your audience uses a browser that you might not be fully accounting for. What’s even more

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