Participate in gMetrics and See How Your Site Measures Up!

gMetrics provides hospitals and health systems with an opportunity to see how their Web site stacks up against peers and competitors.

This tool is a completely free service.

gMetrics is a fully-automated reporting tool providing unique, insightful summaries of real time performance Web site statistics and comparisons to regional peers and national competitors. It covers areas universally important to all hospital Web sites including usage, site performance, budget comparisons, staffing comparisons and more.

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gMetrics Information Sheet

Over the past several years, technology and Web analytics have advanced such that we can now provide a fully-automated process with no data input necessary from the user side. As a participant in gMetrics, Greystone will quickly get you set-up -- and real-time reporting on meaningful metrics are in your control with just a few clicks of the mouse! Convenience, ease-of-use and the provision of accurate data is what gMetrics is all about.

Your participation in gMetrics means that you have access to the strategy, analysis and insights of Greystone.Net, the industry’s healthcare Web strategy leader.

Key benefits:

  • Provided at no cost

  • Fast and easy set up

  • No manual data entry

  • Effortless report generation and account maintenance

  • Access to real-time reporting via our Online Customer Portal

  • Invitations to quarterly research panels investigating the latest Web trends

  • 100% anonymous participation.

gMetrics allows you to transform information into insights to help you achieve your marketing and organizational goals.

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