Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are the way most visitors find and enter your Web site. If your organization has yet to set a search engine strategy you could be losing potential patients for your hospital. And, your health system just can’t afford to fall behind in optimizing search engine traffic.

Search Engine Planning Service Options

Greystone.Net offers search engine optimization services to help hospitals and health systems improve their organic search engine rankings and implement their search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. A sophisticated organic search strategy, paired with a SEM strategy, is key to optimizing Web site return on investment. Services offered include: 

  • SEO Planning

  • AdWord and SEM Campaign Assistance

  • Keyword Research

  • SEO Tactical Assistance

  • Realistic Budgeting for SEM plans

  • SEO Reports including: Competitor Ranking Analysis, Google Ranking and Keyword Comparisons

The Result

Your organization will have a plan designed to help improve your current search engine results and one that can be modified as your site develops and matures over time. Greystone’s team of professionals provide you with the most current and updated information to help your plan succeed.

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Greystone.Net helps hospitals and health systems develop and execute healthcare Web, intranet, Internet and portal strategies and plans. Steeped in both healthcare experience and Web knowledge, Greystone.Net works with hospitals and health systems to evaluate their Web sites and strategies, and plan their next generation Web sites. Greystone.Net helps hospitals and health systems understand their Web analytics, make decisions about Web Content, select Web products and services, redesign their user interfaces and sites, design and implement interactive marketing programs, build SEO techniques and integrate their call centers with their Web sites.

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