Are you looking for a focused and coherent process to help take your Web planning, and Web functionality, to the next level?

Greystone.Net begins with a detailed assessment of your current Web site or Web sites including a functional, infrastructure and accessibility evaluation. Greystone then facilitates an eHealth vision and strategy process that leverages your overall organizational strategy and drives online customer-focused strategies for more positive user experiences.

We provide an enhanced understanding of new Internet-based business models and best practices for relating to and serving all your varied customers. 

In addition, we help you identify the right resources, personnel and governance structure enabling your organization to build, maintain and grow with your ever-changing Web needs. Greystone helps to identify a monitoring process and specific performance targets for key indicators that will support future return on investment analyses. 

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Join the more than 250 hospitals and health systems that have already discovered that Greystone's healthcare industry expertise and strategic business focus have enabled them to use the Internet effectively and productively.  

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Greystone.Net helps hospitals and health systems develop and execute healthcare Web, intranet, Internet and portal strategies and plans. Steeped in both healthcare experience and Web knowledge, Greystone.Net works with hospitals and health systems to evaluate their Web sites and strategies, and plan their next generation Web sites. Greystone.Net helps hospitals and health systems understand their Web analytics, make decisions about Web Content, select Web products and services, redesign their user interfaces and sites, design and implement interactive marketing programs, build SEO techniques and integrate their call centers with their Web sites.

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