Call Center Planning

Greystone.Net has expertise and a broad experience base in the development, enhancement and integration of healthcare call centers.

Greystone works with hospitals to develop call center strategies that support growth and provide superior customer service. A thorough strategic and operational review of your call center operations will determine the current operational state of the call center and enable us to identify service gaps and make recommendations about opportunities for improvement. Today, that often means finding ways to communicate with patients and prospective patients via telephone, email, patient portals, web forms, text messages, social media channels, mobile devices and video conferencing.

This comprehensive assessment also allows Greystone.Net to assist in developing strategic plans to guide the call center’s future directions. In the implementation stage, Greystone.Net assists clients in determining how to use their call centers to achieve institutional goals. 

Services are offered in four general areas:

  • Assessments:  Greystone conducts strategic and operational reviews of existing call centers to determine weaknesses, service gaps and opportunities for growth, improvement and consolidations.

  • Business Planning:  Greystone facilitates the development of strategic business plans to guide the future direction of call centers, often completed when a center wishes to expand services, consolidate services or merge with another organization. The process includes developing a vision, scope, goals, strategies, tactics, investment schedule and ROI formula. This often includes helping health systems centralize the patient access process (scheduling, registration, fiscal verification, etc.) and/or begin the process of consolidating into a universal call center to streamline its telephony offerings.

  • Website/Call Center Integration:  Greystone helps clients develop and implement strategic and operational plans to integrate its web and online activities with the call center and to ensure the call center is ready and able to handle the array of communication channels that are becoming more common, including email, web inquiries, text messaging, social channels, etc.

  • General Call Center Consulting:  Greystone provides a wide range of other call center services such as call center implementation, growth planning, consolidation planning and vendor selection.