Digital Planning

Typical planning process

We work with our clients to ensure that strategy drives the implementation decisions, not vice versa. Once a solid strategy and priorities are in place, then choosing the right tools, partners and solutions to implement the strategy becomes much clearer and is unencumbered by any bias.

Although the planning process can be - and often is - customized, the typical planning process starts with the completion of a current state assessment and then includes strategic thinking about the organization’s:

  • Organizational and web goals
  • Target audiences
  • Priorities
  • Required technologies
  • Funding
  • Staffing needs
  • Web organizational structure
  • Web governance
  • Implementation tactics and accountabilities.

Onsite Meetings and Personalized Senior-Level Service

Face-to-face meetings with hand-selected committee members, executives and stakeholders are often a critical part of the process. This approach helps ensure that key decision makers understand what’s working and what’s not and it helps to build a consensus on priorities and strategies across the enterprise.

Realistic Roadmap

Our goal is to create a realistic, achievable plan for your organization - one that is a usable roadmap, grounded in the realities of your current situation, budget and resources and able to guide your next-generation web and digital strategies. The ultimate goal is to help you engage your visitors, improve their online experiences and drive revenue growth for your health system.

Enterprise wide

Greystone.Net's extensive experience in advising hospitals and health systems nationwide on web strategic and implementation issues has given us a unique perspective on the enterprise-wide deployment of web strategy, internet technologies and digital marketing.

Strategy services can be customized and combined to meet a client's unique set of needs. Options include:

Enterprise-wide planning to address the needs across all organizational entities (i.e., children's hospitals, academic medical centers, healthcare systems, clinics, physician practices, colleges, business units, etc.).

Multi-platform web planning for health systems that require strategic counsel across their various digital properties (i.e., websites, intranet, portals, mobile platforms, social channels, etc.)

Single-purpose web planning for the health system that needs focused counsel in a limited area or topic (i.e., the consumer-facing website, social media management, etc.)

Or any combination of the above to meet your needs.

Strategy assistance and planning services are offered for:

  • Consumer-facing websites
  • Intranets
  • Mobile development and applications
  • Social media planning and marketing.

In this volatile healthcare market, providers must have robust, nimble and disciplined strategic thinking that drives growth and organizational effectiveness.

Single purpose

Our Agile Planning process has proven useful to organizations that need to refresh a plan, make a course correction or re-invigorate an initial strategy that has lost momentum or been impacted by competitor counter moves.

Over 2-3 days, Greystone.Net immerses key stakeholders and decision makers in a fluid brainstorming session that focuses on answering a series of interrelated questions about the organization’s strategic direction. If necessary, even the destination itself — the guiding strategy — may shift based on what we learn along the way.

The resulting plan is an adaptive, agile directive that provides the appropriate focus for getting the web strategy back on track and ready to take on the competition with a roadmap to guide day-to-day web operations.