Strategic Planning and Web Strategy

Greystone.Net's vast experience in Web strategy and digital marketing allows us to offer help in the ways that best meet your needs, including:  

  • Gap Analysis:  A realistic comparison of your current situation to your desired future state to identify and remedy any gaps.
  • Enterprise-wide and/or Multi-Platform Planning:  Full-scale, enterprise-wide planning options.
  • Agile Planning:  Nimble customization of the typical planning process to meet client needs.
  • Targeted Counsel:  Focused strategic thinking and counsel on specific issues and challenges of our clients.
  • Social Media:  Assistance in social media strategy development and management.
  • Call Center Planning:  Helping health systems develop and re-engineer existing call center functions, consolidate multiple call centers and integrate the call center and Web environments.

Greystone can help you reach solid strategic decisions that propel your organization forward. 

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