Vendor Selection

Who is the Best CMS, CRM, Design or Call Center Vendor for Your Organization?

Selecting the right vendor for your digital needs can be a daunting challenge for any hospital or healthcare system. Look to Greystone.Net to help you through the selection process using a proven strategy, our vendor expertise and an objective, agnostic approach to vendor selection. 

Services Offered

Through Greystone’s Vendor Selection process, we can help you find the right partner who meets your needs and matches your strategy. We provide assistance in selecting the following types of vendors:

  • Content management system (CMS) vendors
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) vendors
  • Design and digital marketing agencies
  • Call center software and outsourcing vendors.

The Typical Process

Greystone manages the entire vendor selection process while providing strategic guidance and education surrounding qualified vendors capable of successfully completing the required specifications of the digital project. Among other things, Greystone will:

  • Provide education surrounding qualified and reputable vendors for your project
  • Draft and distribute the project RFP
  • Review and compare vendor proposals
  • Handle all logistics for on-site demos
During any process, you will receive:

  • A professional and experienced project manager to handle all the details of the process from start to final selection.
  • Knowledge of and experience with the vendors, what they offer, what they are capable of and how they price.
  • Established and time-tested functional and technical specifications that will be tailored to meet your needs.
  • A proven process for RFP development and evaluation, including score sheets for evaluating proposals and vendor demonstrations.

Let us help you simplify a complicated process by providing guidance in selecting the right vendor for the right project.

Don't Forget Strategy

We work with our clients to ensure that strategy drives the implementation decisions, not vice versa. Once a solid strategy and priorities are in place, then choosing the right tools, partners and solutions to implement the strategy becomes much clearer and is unencumbered by any bias.

What One Client Said ...

"I feel that Greystone's participation provided an invaluable service to us. There is no way any of us would have had the time to pull that process together the way you were able to. We came from a near-zero information point and needed expert guidance. We are confident we received the right help to get us to the right selection."(Greystone.Net CMS selection client)