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Healthcare Sprint Consulting Services

There was a time when a consulting engagement involved considerable amounts of time, lots of onsite meetings and many people. However, as hospital digital strategies and tactics have evolved over the years, the organizational structure in most organizations has also evolved. There is more senior leadership at the digital level of many organizations, so entire layers of meetings and decisions can be eliminated from the consulting process. This allows more digital planning to be done more quickly with smaller groups.

As a result, we offer an array of healthcare digital consulting services that fast-track tightly-focused priority setting and decision-making. Such engagements -- known as sprint consulting -- can be completed in less time, involving fewer people attending fewer meetings, in a process that is more convenient and efficient for the client. It is not a matter of rushing through an engagement as fast as we can – it’s a matter of making the hospital digital consulting as convenient as we can for the client.

Sprint consulting engagements may be broad-based, encompassing multiple components of an organization’s digital assets, or it may be focused on just one or two particular aspects of the overall digital property. 

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