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Digital Marketing for Healthcare Systems

Greystone.Net Provides healthcare organizations with valuable counsel and implementation assistance in the development of effective digital Marketing campaigns.

Once a web site is developed, the marketing challenge is to convince users to visit the site and then continue to come back when they need healthcare information. Greystone can help you develop creative and aggressive marketing campaigns to increase visibility, support your brand and drive traffic your hospital website.

Our team can assist in the development and implementation of:

  • Web-specific marketing plans to help increase hospital website traffic and mobile traffic.
  • Search engine optimization services to help hospitals and health systems improve their organic search engine rankings and implement their search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. A sophisticated organic search strategy, paired with a SEM strategy, is key to optimizing Web site return on investment.
  • Hospital digital marketing campaigns and integration of web activities into existing marketing campaigns and strategies
  • Integration of web activities and call center functions
  • Marketing research, including perception, satisfaction, baseline and usability studies, that will help to identify problems resulting in recommendations around strategic website improvements that will improve brand perceptions and consumer experience.  
  • Social media marketing strategy that provides a unique perspective on how to prepare for social media on an enterprise-wide basis. 

Greystone.Net can help you increase the effectiveness of your site, pulling visitors in and using applications that help build one-to-one relationships with consumers.  

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