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Developing Your Hospital's Digital Department

The pressure on healthcare leadership is increasing to redesign the marketing organization structure towards more customer/patient centric experience and data driven marketing.

Marketing departments are reacting by investing in new concepts such as content marketing, inbound marketing, marketing automation and (big) data marketing. But without the right structure, any of these new concepts is set for failure.

Greystone will help define your vision of activity and to answer the following questions:

  • What skill-sets and profiles do you need?
  • What organization structure do you need?
  • What new functions and teams do you need?
  • How will departments work together in new agile ways?
  • How do you structure for content marketing?


Specifically, do you have resources to cover:

  • Content gathering for clinical, academic, school, department, clinic, facility?
  • Content Management, site architecture?
  • UI/UX Graphics - graphic consistency/ images, visually aided functionality, accessibility, entertainment?
  • Technical Functionality - server based functions, software design, backend systems, legacy systems?
  • Digital Marketing - Social Media, Mobile, SEM, SEO, Online Advertising?


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