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Staffing and Governance for Hospitals

Hospital Digital Marketing Staffing

Hire Your Digital Team Strategically and Effectively

While there are any number of professionals you could hire at this point, building a properly resourced digital marketing team will allow you to expand your promotional and engagement efforts to help funnel business to hospital services and physicians.

Greystone.Net can help you answer how to build a hospital digital team. We will help you analyze your existing web organizational structure and staffing resources and then use that information to build a recommendation and rationale for an efficient organization structure and the staff resources needed to match departmental priorities with organizational business goals.

We can help determine if additional staff positions are needed, develop an appropriate reporting and management system and develop a phased approach to onboarding new hires or reallocating existing employees. Once a plan has been developed and vetted, we can build a staffing recommendations for your hospital and present the results to your executive team.

The Greystone.Net team has years of experience working directly with executive teams to develop an effective web and digital marketing structure. We can help you staff your hospital marketing department to meet your needs.

Hospital Digital Governance

Ensure That Your Strategic Plan is Properly Executed

Securing leadership support and buy-in is no small task. This typically includes setting up a hospital digital steering committee to monitor, guide and report on internet developments and utilization. Greystone.Net helps to develop the purposes of this committee and its members. This committee helps the organization to monitor and task manage the implementation of the digital plan, passes policies and procedures, reviews reports and implements adjustments to the plan and resolves conflicts or any other internet-related issues.

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