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Full scale strategic planning

Enterprise Wide for Websites, Portals and Intranets

A healthcare digital strategy is not a set of tactics for a particular technology. It’s a healthcare digital plan, but more importantly, it's a plan that works and adjusts with your needs as the market shifts. We work with you to build a workable, flexible, and measurable strategy by holding face-to-face meetings with hand-selected committee members, executives and stakeholders who are often a critical part of the process. This approach helps ensure that key decision makers understand what’s working and what’s not and it helps to build a consensus on priorities and strategies across the enterprise.

We have been in hospital strategic consulting for 23 years and our goal is to create a realistic, achievable plan for your organization - one that is a usable roadmap, grounded in the realities of your current situation, budget and resources and able to guide your next-generation web and digital strategies. The ultimate goal is to help you engage your visitors, improve their online experiences and drive revenue growth for your health system.

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