The Contact Experience Conference

August 27-28, 2020

The First Virtual Conference Designed to Advance Healthcare Call Centers, Contact Centers, Virtual Care Centers and Customer Service Experiences

Contact Centers, Call Centers, Virtual Care Centers and the general customer service experience are all more important to healthcare organizations today than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed virtual contact with patients and prospective patients to a much higher priority and have made these centers and services an essential component for all health systems moving forward.

During these turbulent times, we are all striving to maintain the right balance of empathy, optimism and business mindfulness as we chart our courses to the “new normal.” Hospitals and health systems are currently facing both public health and financial emergencies that are threatening their survival. It is estimated that most organizations will lose at least 25% of their projected annual revenue as a result of the pandemic, due to the reduction of elective procedures, the reluctance of those who are ill to seek care, and the precipitous drop of routine care and testing. 

To help, Greystone.Net, in conjunction with the Healthcare Call Center Times, is sponsoring its first virtual conference entitled, The Contact Experience Conference (CEC). The conference will help prepare hospital- and healthcare-based contact centers and customer service departments to become part of the solution as their organizations stabilize, recover their footing, re-establish their relationship with patients/customers and move toward renewed solvency. 

CEC will share best practices that are being used by successful healthcare call and contact centers in addressing the changes forced by these drastic times and to offer new ways and solutions for optimally managing customers in this time of contactless interactions, including virtual care, virtual customer service and more.

CEC will offer insights, education and solutions that can be implemented to help your health system re-emerge stronger and safer. This conference will focus on how the new normal impacts your contact center’s staffing, operations, technology and more, including highlighting the new roles and emergence of the contact center in the health system.