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Speaking Event: Creating a Winning Digital Strategy in a “Tradigital” World


Kathy Divis, President, Greystone.Net will be one of the presenters in this online course presented by SHSMD.

Sign up for this four module deep-dive online course on Creating a Winning Digital Strategy in a Tradigital World.  Sponsored by SHSMD. The modules include:

Module 1: Building the Foundation of a Successful Contemporary Digital Marketing Program in Health Care

Part 1 Webinar: Tuesday, July 14 (1-2pm CST)
Presenters: Kathy Divis, Lannie Byrd

  • Understanding the current state of digital marketing in/out of health care and the major trends impacting marketers
  • Inventory of marketing techniques/technology, how they work together and the importance of an integrated marketing technology
  • Positioning/Aligning staff and other resources to meet new needs

Part 2 Webinar: Thursday, July 16 (1-2pm CST)
Presenters: Jason Brown, Sharon Line Clary

  • Picking a pilot project, setting reasonable goals and selling it to the C-Suite/Speaking CEO language
  • Creating an attribution model and ROI model
  • Selling through your budget

Module 2: Telling Your Story to Drive Results

Week of July 20: Picking your pilot project/use case

Webinar: Thursday, July 23 (1-2:15pm CST)
Presenter: Jason Brown

  • Developing an effective and scalable content strategy
  • Creating a powerful, dynamic messaging matrix
  • Understanding how data analysis is used to guide strategy and content

Week of August 4: Catch up week (no webinar)

Module 3: Activating Your Message Across the Tradigital Landscape

Projects DUE this week!

Webinar: Tuesday, August 11 (1-2pm CST)
Presenter: Jason Brown

  • Creating a tradigital approach & lead generating digital tactics
  • Understanding the impact of your digital properties on your brand
  • Understanding the ABCs of owned versus paid versus earned media

Module 4: Preparing for What is Coming Next

Webinar: Tuesday, August 18 (1-2pm CST)
Presenters: Kathy Divis, Brian Gresh

  • Exploring the emerging technologies including predictive analytics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence/conversational intelligence
  • Exploring how emerging technologies may impact: budget and staffing, MarTech stack, channels used, and attribution models

Week of August 17: Peer Reviews due