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Speaking Event at Healthshare Symposium 2020: Your Digital Brand Experience: Developing, Nurturing and Integrating It with Traditional Strategies

Palm Springs
La Quinta Resort & Club

Join us for this Pre-Conference Workshop, an educational, highly interactive session that will explore your digital brand experience. Learn why there is a need to focus on defining and nurturing the digital brand experience. This workshop covers what it is, why it is important, how to integrate it with operations, where it fits in the overall strategy, the elements included, how to monitor and measure it, the increasing role it is playing in strategic market planning and how to socialize digital with traditional tactics, etc. Leave the workshop with a much stronger understanding of the concept of a digital brand experience as part of the overall patient experience, including how to improve it and how to make sure your brand promise carries through your digital experiences.


Kathy Divis, President, Greystone.Net
Jean Hitchcock, President, Hitchcock Marketing & Communications
Mike Schneider, Executive Vice President, Greystone.Net