CRM Overview

The CRM Workshop is being held at the AC Hotel by Marriott in downtown Portland, Oregon, March 21-22, 2018.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a game-changing technology with the potential to transform healthcare marketing. With CRM you can more effectively focus marketing investments on the right customers, lower the expense of patient acquisition and retention, create loyal brand advocates and track return on investment.

The bottom line is . . . CRM is good for the bottom line.

Yet many health systems report that CRM investments are not achieving their expectations. How this happens when so much time, effort and dollars were invested in the evaluation, selection and implementation of CRM, leaves marketing executives scratching their heads.

The successful launch of CRM isn’t rocket science, but it does require a purposeful approach to:

  • gain C-suite endorsement and engage IT, finance and other key business functions
  • make significant changes to the marketing department structure, marketing processes and team member skills sets
  • evaluate and select the right CRM solution and vendor who can support your health system’s needs.
  • Learn How to Optimize Your CRM Solution

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a CRM system for the first time or want to select a new vendor, are muddled in the throes of implementation or aren’t getting the results you hoped for, this workshop is for you. Over 1½ days, you’ll participate in educational sessions, facilitated discussions and open dialogue on:

  • How do I craft a vision and strategy for CRM in my health system?
  • How do I pick the right CRM solution and vendor?
  • What changes will I have to make in the marketing department?
  • How can I ensure we’re getting the most out of our CRM system?
  • How do I get my CRM strategy back on track?
  • What can I learn from other industries that have used CRM for many years?
  • And much more . . .

Workshop Faculty and Participants

Healthcare marketing executives from around the country will share their CRM journeys, providing insights into the trials and successes of their CRM programs. The expert marketing and digital strategists of Corrigan Consulting and Greystone.Net will facilitate the deep-dive workshop.

In order to provide an intimate venue for open discussion and sharing of CRM expectations and experiences, space will be limited to 30 health system (non-vendor) participants. Participants will leave with information and tools to support CRM selection, build effective vendor relationships and optimize performance of their CRM systems.