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  • Preserving History with the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame

    by Farrah Hunt-Thompson | Jan 26, 2012
    Last week, I was on site at a client’s, conducting the final meeting of a planning engagement. As we discussed the next course of action, I began thinking about the dramatic increase in healthcare organizations’ Web needs over the past five years since I have been part of the Greystone team. I was reminded of just how far the industry has come in t

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  • A Buzzword With Staying Power

    by Laura Clemons | Oct 24, 2011
    This past September marked the five year anniversary of receiving my MBA. At a recent informal get-together to celebrate the occasion, it was a pleasure renewing acquaintances with former classmates and discussing the various paths we have taken. What a wild ride it has been! Career changes, relocations, layoffs, promotions – you name it. When we g

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  • The New Healthcare Internet Conference Web Site

    by Laura Clemons | Jul 13, 2011
    Greystone.Net is pleased to announce the launching of our new Healthcare Internet Conference Web site! This year's 15th Annual Greystone.Net Healthcare Internet Conference will be held on November 7-9, 2011 at the JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes in Orlando, FL. The Web site is dedicated in providing all the information necessary for a successful c

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  • Conviction Without Rigor

    by Greystone Administrator | Oct 15, 2009
    With all due apologies to McGeorge Bundy, considered by many to be one of the architects of the Vietnam War, I’m struck by the fourth of his lessons learned from the book “Lessons in Disaster: McGeorge Bundy and the Path to War in Vietnam”: Conviction without rigor is a strategy for disaster. Bundy’s point is that having strong beliefs alone

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  • Social Media as a Tool or a Strategy?

    by Greystone Administrator | Jul 15, 2009
    Prior to leaving my last job, leadership was talking about adding a position with “social media” in the title. While I applauded the additional resources, I suggested that might be kind of like adding someone to the PR staff with “news releases” in their title. Then just today I came across this from social media guru Chris Brogan: “What are

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  • A Reflection of the Industry

    by Greystone Administrator | Jul 06, 2009
    It’s always interesting to review the program for the Healthcare Internet Conference . Since the vast majority of the sessions were proposed by those in the industry, it’s really a reflection of what’s happening with the Web strategies for hospitals and health systems. So, what do we take from this year’s lineup? Social media has gone beyond

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  • A Window Into the Industry

    by Greystone Administrator | Jun 01, 2009
    You know what they say about laws and sausages (you don’t want to watch either being made)? The same is kind of true of watching the educational program for the Healthcare Internet Conference being put together. Dozens of proposals, all on seemingly different levels, and the program committee tries to pick the plums to create a coherent and strong

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