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No Apologies Necessary

Aug 23, 2010
Good internal reporting of Web data should document successes, illuminate failures, and serve as a key component in evaluating overall strategy. Yet for many healthcare Web marketers, the challenge of producing quality reports has proven to be extremely elusive and frustrating. In my experience, most organizations do not go much further than tracking basic Web analytics metrics like page views and visitors.  It is not uncommon for me to come across a mishmash of numbers pasted onto an Excel spreadsheet, with a webmaster telling me, “I am embarrassed to be showing you this report.” Fortunately,  more and more organizations are going a step further and tracking key activities on the Web, such as newsletter subscriptions or video downloads. (More on this here). A few sophisticated outfits are actually able to link their patient data with their Web data and compute ROI. The bad news is that those who are doing the most advanced reporting are generally reticent to share.  This year we had to eliminate the “Best Use of Web Analytics” from our Best-In-Class Awards because of a lack of entries. Given the importance of internal reporting as a key input to strategic decision-making, why are so many organizations stuck at the most basic level? And for those who are doing a good job, are there any insights they can share with the rest of us? I hope to get answers to these questions and more in our next special survey, which will focus on internal reporting of Web data. I am particularly excited about covering this topic, as there is a dearth of quality research on this topic (as it related to healthcare Web marketers).  If you would like to participate and are not currently a member of the Greystone.Net research panel, join today. I look forward to receiving everyone’s input, even those who are too embarrassed to show me their reports.
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