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Thank You to the Attendees at Greystone’s OpenSpace in Denver

May 09, 2012
Two days just wasn’t enough time to cover the number of compelling and thought provoking topics the OpenSpace group brought to the table. One big take away for me was recognizing the pace at which our industry is maturing. Whether you support a stand-alone hospital, health system or academic medical center, there is no shortage of Web initiatives. Sure, we had the standard topics we all can’t live without:  CMS, Mobile, Social, Analytics and Search. Those always make for great conversation and there is always room to learn, but this year’s group was also committed to a level of conversation beyond the day-to-day Web stuff. This year the focus of conversation and commitment to topics such as, Organizational Development, Mentoring, Professional Education and Web Maturity Models, were on the top of nearly everyone’s list. Questions such as, “how do we integrate our teams throughout the organization,” “where do we find and how do we keep the best talent,” “how can we build true ROI models to secure future budgets and deliver positive impact for our organizations,” were common themes throughout. To see the participants intrigue and hear this dialogue made for a great couple days for me and I hope all the others too! The industry is growing up in front of us and the work you do is being recognized every day. All of you who are playing such key roles in this industry’s maturity and who have worked so hard, should be very proud. The group suggested that we keep the OpenSpace conversations rolling online, so we can build collaborative answers to so many important questions. Therefore, much more to come from OpenSpace. Keep up the great work and thank you!
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