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Impact of Website Experience on Loyalty and Brand Feeling

Aug 09, 2017

Note: This is the second of several articles on the healthcare website experience. We talked with Rob Klein, Founder & CEO of Klein & Partners, a healthcare marketing research and brand management consulting firm and co-developer of gSight℠—a website survey tool designed to discover the voice of the digital customer—for his insights. You can read the first article, “Are Negative Experiences On Your Website Affecting Your Overall Brand?”, here.

We continue to glean insights from our gSight study and surveys. For example, we recently looked at data related to behavioral intentions of website visitors to healthcare provider sites. We found that our Leaderboard score (i.e., the “A Student” score) for average number of stars is 4.38+. Let’s look at why that 4.38 score has meaning for healthcare marketers.

  • 4-5 star ratings. Website visitors who give your site either a 4- or a 5-star rating are significantly more likely to “want” to return to your site because they found it useful. These visitors are also significantly more likely to feel that their website experience reaffirmed existing positive feelings about the brand or created new positive feelings towards it.
  • 3-star ratings. Website visitors who give 3 stars are most likely to be “captive visitors,” which means that they feel they have to return to the site in order to complete some task that can only be done on the site. Yet this “average” rating tends to have no impact on brand feelings – whether good or bad – for most visitors. While you may not be losing anybody, you are losing the opportunity to create loyalists.
  • 1-2 star ratings. Website visitors who give 1-2 stars are more likely to feel they have to return to the site or do not want to return to the site because the site was not useful to them. A 1-2 star visit experience is most likely to create new negative feelings towards the brand or reaffirm existing negative feelings.

So, what does all this mean? It means that a disappointing website experience can undo all your other efforts to create a strong brand relationship with a consumer. For this reason, we call a website visit a “digital brand experience.”

How does your website impact your healthcare organization’s brand? Are you interesting in obtaining insights such as these about your organization’s website? Contact us for more information about gSight and a complementary demo. Call us at 770-407-7670, email us at or complete our contact form

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