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Changes to Facebook Ads Format

Aug 20, 2019

Does your organization advertise on Facebook? In mid-August, Facebook announced a change to its ads format that affects the mobile news feed. image of Facebook logo

This ad format change is in keeping with the updated News Feed design introduced earlier this year. The new design compresses ads to a 4:5 aspect ratio for photos and videos with 3 lines of primary text. After 3 lines of text, users can click to view additional text. Prior to the change, ads had a 2:3 aspect ration with 7 lines of primary text.

How will this change affect your Facebook ads? With only 3 lines of text showing, you’ll need to write ad copy that grabs the user’s attention in fewer words. You’ll also need to consider the change in image height when selecting photos and videos for your ads.

In addition to aligning ads format to the updated News Feed format, Facebook says this change will make ads more effective and make it easier for advertisers to use the same assets on both Facebook and Instagram for cross-promotion.
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