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Post-COVID Strategy: User-Generated Content

May 21, 2020

With all the changes that have come about during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s clear that marketing will be changing, and in fact, has already begun to change. It’s time to think about your marketing strategy moving forwardgraphic indicating user-generated content

Changes in the economy and consumer behavior have happened rapidly over the past few months as the global pandemic has kept people at home and only “essential” businesses open to customers. People are making far more purchases online and are turning to social media in larger numbers than before to stay connected. These factors are playing – and will continue to play for quite some time – a large part in planning marketing strategies moving forward.

It makes sense that marketers should focus on online connections to boost engagement and conversion. Research has shown over and over that compelling visuals are the most engaging posts on social media. But these can be expensive to come by. So what’s a good alternative?

The unofficial theme of the pandemic has been “We’re in this together.” People are posting tons of photos of themselves and their families as they adjust to a mostly at-home life as they show what they’re doing to keep themselves and others safe from the coronavirus. They’re sharing these photos with brands and engaging even more people. In healthcare, some of the most engaging and heartwarming social media posts have been about patients who have recovered from the coronavirus and have been discharged home.

This user-generated content (UGC) can be a cost-effective and sustainable method to help build trust, increase sales and build stronger relationships with customers. Showing images of happy customers helps with these. And as more businesses are able to open up, it will be imperative to show that customers are coming back and supporting those businesses.

An important part of your post-COVID marketing strategy will be figuring out how to best leverage UGC to help inform and encourage customers as your organization. Social media is a known method for engaging and influencing customers. As we move into a period of greatly-reduced budgets and other resources, we’ll have to move away from achieving “perfect” content and instead look for connecting with audiences on a human level. UGC can help. Think about all the virtual meetings you’ve been on in the past few months, with many participants still in their PJs and their pets and children making guest appearances. People understand this because they’re living it themselves. Bring this mindset to your social strategy moving forward.

Has your organization started planning for the post-COVID world?

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