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Medical Care Via Text Message from UW Medicine

Dec 15, 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began earlier this year, telemedicine has taken off with the number of virtual provider visits increasing rapidly. In a new wrinkle on virtual care, UW Medicine in Seattle has developed a program of medical care that is text message basedimage depicting text messaging on a smartphone

The new program from UW Medicine was developed in partnership with 98point6. It is a subscription program that provides on-demand diagnosis and treatment via a text-messaging app. Information gathered from a text-message session is added to the patient’s EMR.

To introduce the program, a special price of $30 for the first three months plus $1 per visit will be available. After the introductory period, the yearly subscription price will be $120 with the $1 per visit fee remaining in place. The subscription will provide access to 98point6 physicians for diagnosis and treatment, including prescription and lab orders and personalized consultations.

UW Medicine developed the program as a response to patients’ requests for improved access that is more simple than traditional care.

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