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Making the Most of Podcasts

Jan 21, 2021

Podcasting was already making inroads into marketing plans before COVID-19 hit. When the pandemic forced people to stay home for months, podcasting really took off as people looked for more ways to spend their time and connect. The past year has seen a substantial increase in the numbers of podcasts as well as podcast listeners. photo of a person wearing headphones speaking into a microphone

Twitter recently showed its interest in the increased focus on podcasting by purchasing the podcast listening app Breaker. The platform will use Breaker to enhance its Spaces audio feature.

If you’re wondering if your organization should expand its podcast strategy – or begin a podcast strategy if you haven’t already done so – here are some reasons to jump on the podcasting bandwagon:

  • Creating connections. Podcast listeners connect with the speakers as they listen, and as an extension, they connect with your brand.
  • Increased brand perception and conversions. Once a listener has connected with your brand via your podcast, they are more likely to become a customer. A study on branded podcasts from the BBC last year found these effects from podcasts:
    • 87% increase in brand awareness
    • 57% increase in brand consideration
    • 24% increase in brand favorability
    • 14% increase in purchase intent.
  • A source of content generation for other channels. Podcast content can be a rich source of content for blog, social media and email. Recording a conversation with one of your subject matter experts can generate a plethora of content while also providing information your audience wants to hear.

However, podcasting is not a simple matter of “if you record it, they will listen.” You must start with a clearly-defined plan, including ROI, and your plan should reflect your overall organizational marketing goals.

One important point: podcasts should not be constructed as obvious sales pitches. Listeners want information, and if you do it right, they will form a positive impression of your brand and seek to do business with your organization.

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