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New Company Pages Features from LinkedIn

Mar 22, 2021

Is your organization seeking to boost its presence on LinkedIn? The networking platform recently added some new features to help brands increase their organic reach and boost connection with colleaguesphoto of LinkedIn app open on a smart phone

To encourage employee engagement, LinkedIn added a “My Company” tab at the top of company pages. This tab has a drop-down menu that includes “Recommend” and “Content Suggestions.” These tools can be used to expedite direct sharing of posts with employees, who will, in turn, be likely to share the posts with their connections. According to LinkedIn, employees are 60% more likely to interact with posts from fellow employees and 14 times more likely to share posts from their organization’s page as opposed to posts from other companies. The “My Company” tool includes an Analytics feature to assess the effect of using the tool.

Lead Gen Forms have been added to Product Pages at no cost. These forms can improve lead gathering by using a pre-populated in-app form that opens when a member clicks on one of your products. While Product Pages are not available for all company pages, there have been over 12,000 products added by more than 10,000 companies on Product Pages.

One more new feature is the ability to post LinkedIn Stories to company pages. Swipe-up links are available to facilitate the feature. LinkedIn Stories have been an option for individual users for almost a year but has only become available for Company Pages in the past few months. You can track the number of Stories views and visits to links embedded in you Stories.

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