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Improve Your Blog’s Performance

Apr 19, 2021

You spend a lot of time and effort creating content – finding content ideas, setting up a schedule, producing and launching the content. But what kind of performance are you getting for your efforts? Considering that half of digital content is not noticed, what can you do to up your game? photo of a woman reading online

Consider these ideas for boosting traffic and conversions from your digital content.

Increase engagement with a dedicated section for answering questions related to the content’s topic (FAQ).

Digital audiences always have questions, especially where healthcare is concerned. By answering popular questions on your topic, you can:

  • Improve page rank
  • Have your content featured more, and optimize it for voice search
  • Improve engagement.

If you provide useful answers to niche questions, Google’s structured markup can help those answers stand out in search results.

There are several tools you can use to find relevant questions, such as:

  • “People also ask” feature of Google search. As you’re researching your topic for a blog or other content, take note of the questions that show up in this feature when you use Google search.
  • Text Optimizer
  • Ahrefs
  • Search Quora

Boost engagement with videos.

Video has become a cornerstone of digital content, especially with social media. They are easy to create, no longer requiring expensive investments In equipment or professional expertise. It’s easy to record a video of someone sharing a content snippet, or you can convert text into video format with various tools. If you get into the habit of creating some type of video for each piece of content created, you’ll quickly develop a library for repurposing your content in other formats, like social media. Another plus: your content will be ranked not only in organic search but also in video carousel searches.

Use more creative CTAs.

It’s not enough to get eyeballs on your content. You also need engagement. In addition to informing and/or entertaining your blog readers, you want them to subscribe to your content or become a consumer of your services.

Reader actions may include:

  • Using links to share the article, like on social media sites
  • Opting in to the blog, enewsletters and/or other content
  • Signing up for push notifications when new content is available.
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