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Are you ready for the mobile-only customer?

by Sara Foster | May 13, 2016
mobile only customer [Guest post from Neal Linkon, Director, Digital Engagement at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, who will be speaking with Kathy Divis, President, Greystone.Net, at #HMPS16 in Chicago on May 24.] If you are like most hospitals and health systems, half of your audience uses a browser that you might not be fully accounting for. What’s even more frightening is that many in that half don’t want to use a browser at all, but still want to interact with you – or your competitors – using their computer. I’m talking about the mobile audience, and their computer is right in their hand: their Smartphone. I work for a children’s hospital, where more than 60% of the visits to our Website are via mobile devices, and the number climbs every month. Yet the challenge extends well beyond the Website, since most mobile users prefer an app of some kind to navigating the Web on their phones. Just like there are still some people accessing your site using IE7, there will probably be some small component of users still limited to desktop access for some time to come. Unfortunately, in many instances, that includes your hospital leadership, who might not understand the rapidly growing mobile challenge. On Tuesday, May 24, Kathy Divis and I will lay out the mobile imperative. Even if you understand it yourself, you’ll hopefully find some nuggets of data and insight that can help educate your leaders and the holders of the resource purse strings. But we won’t stop with defining the challenge. Using case studies, we’ll talk through how to get past the “I wouldn’t do that” mentality of many physicians and executives, and get to “yes” on the key components of your mobile roadmap. We’ll wrap it up by showing how documenting results lowers the next hurdle, and then the next. Part reality check and part look out over the horizon, we hope you’ll join us at HMPSS for a packed hour!
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