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10 Top Tweets from #HCIC18

by Sara Foster | Nov 13, 2018

This article was written for Greystone.Net by Jessica Levco, a healthcare writer who covered HCIC18 for us.

It was non-stop learning at the 22nd annual Healthcare Internet conference in Scottsdale. It was also non-stop tweeting. image of twitter logo

Here’s a look at the impact the #HCIC18 hashtag made throughout the three days:

  • 63.8 million impressions
  • 3,468 tweets
  • 828 participants
  • 57 tweets an hour

Thanks to all of you for tweeting along with us. We couldn’t have hit these big numbers without you! Here’s a look at a few tweets that stood out:

An eye-popping statistic

@benatgeo: 80% of Facebook video is consumed with sound off — fascinating! @marismith

Know your audience

@_aaronc: "If it’s not helping a mom at 2 a.m., then we’re not going to do it anymore.” @dsjolley on determining strategic initiatives

So true

@chrisboyer: "people do not understand the complexity of health systems, let alone their websites" — @bmgresh

Make content “yours” 

@kate_gillmer: "If the logo falls off, would anyone know that content is yours?" An important #hcmktg reminder from @annhandley.

Think about investing in chatbots

@laurenfarabough: 40% of people have said they don't care if customer service comes from a human or technology as long as it's the right answer.

Open new doors (and maybe a window)

@jennakobryn: "The website is not the digital front door — it's one room in the house" AMEN.

Put content first

@shungerford: Infographics start with writers, not with artists.

Your website might need a usability audit

@angikrueger: Poor website design and functionality makes the users not trust the content as much. Conduct a usability audit of your website to identify functionality and inconsistencies.

Make it easy for patients

@ciaogalchicago: Why do we make patients work so hard to search and schedule care? Take a patient-centric navigation approach.

The best part of #HCIC18…

@bryanna_merrill: “These people are my tribe” — love it! Made 3 “epic” jokes and got laughs every time. It only works when you’re surrounded by #hcmktg friends.

Hope to see you next year in Orlando for #HCIC19!

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