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Does Your Healthcare Organization Need a Chief Content Officer?

by Sara Foster | Dec 10, 2018

Content marketing is a time- and resource-intensive entity. In many organizations, the people involved in planning, developing and implementing content are spread across multiple departments and report to different managers. Could adding another position in the C-suite help improve the process? photo of a medical professional and a laptop computer

A chief content officer (CCO) can bridge the divide between departments, such as marketing and PR/communications in organizations where these two are separate from each other. Working with IT is also complicated at times, and the CCO can bridge that gap as well.

How can a CCO help your organization?

  • Decentralize the content process. As mentioned above, all the players involved in content marketing often reside in separate areas. The CCO has a global view of the content marketing process and can work to decentralize the process and tie together the necessary teams.
  • Move from episodic efforts to an “always on” process. While episodes of campaigns are necessary, content marketing should be an ongoing effort. A CCO can bring together campaigns with continual storytelling to provide constant touchpoints with your audience.
  • Maintain consistency. A consistent brand message, tone, voice and visual ID are a must. A CCO can act as a filter to ensure a uniform process of developing, producing and distributing content.
  • Tame the project management beast. Everyone knows that content marketing involves a lot of time and effort on the part of multiple people over multiple departments/areas. A CCO can get all the moving pieces working in harmony to produce a constant marketing operation.
  • Champion for innovation. As technology and trends continue to develop, the organization needs to be kept abreast of innovations that can improve marketing efforts. The CCO can be this person, by educating key stakeholders on the need to evaluate new technologies to support marketing.
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