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Changes to Facebook Ad Metrics Coming in April

by Sara Foster | Mar 20, 2019

If your organization uses ads on Facebook, you need to be aware of changes to Facebook’s ad metrics that start this month. These changes are intended to give better defined insights into predicted performance, which will aid in focusing optimization efforts. facebook-metrics

First, the Facebook relevance score will be replaced with what it calls “more granular” relevance metrics intended to evaluate expected performance of ads when changes to factors such as creative assets, target audience or post-click experience are made. Those new metrics are:

  • Quality ranking will look at ads competing for similar target audiences and evaluate the "perceived quality" of those ads.
  • Engagement rate ranking will work the same way as the quality ranking to show an ad’s expected engagement rate compared to ads with a similar target audience.
  • Conversion rate ranking will show an ad’s expected conversion rates versus ads with the same optimization goals and audience.

These metrics will also be discontinued:

  • Offers saved
  • Cost per offers saved
  • Messaging replies
  • Cost per messaging replies
  • Mobile app purchase ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • Web purchase ROAS

In addition to the discontinued metrics, the following are being added:

  • Posts Saved will count how many ads are saved. This metric will include the offer ads metric which will be discontinued as a separate metric.
  • Messaging Connections and Messaging Conversations Started metrics will replace the Message Replies and Cost Per Messaging Replies metrics. This change is being implemented because many organizations are more interested in new conversions from people who had not previously messaged the organization or messaged after being inactive for a period of time.
  • There will be one consolidated metric showing ROAS across all channels as opposed to separate mobile and web purchase ROAS.
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