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Haven: Healthcare’s Latest Disruption?

by Sara Foster | Apr 22, 2019

Almost a year and a half ago, eyebrows were raised en masse at the announcement of a new healthcare venture involving Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and J. P. Morgan. This non-profit organization – recently given the name “Haven” - was intended to improve healthcare for the employees of the three companies. haven

Since its inception, a lot has happened with Haven:

  • Many healthcare stocks lost value as the market reacted.
  • A leadership team has been hired, including:
    • CEO Dr. Atul Gawande – surgeon and healthcare writer
    • COO Jack Stoddard – experience health-tech executive
    • CTO Serkan Kutan – former CTO at Zocdoc
    • Dana Gelb Safran – formerly with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts – to run analytics projects
    • David Smith – formerly with UnitedHealth Optum
  • Headquarters were established in Boston and an office in New York City was recently opened to serve as a recruiting hub.

According to healthcare recruiting expert Trevor Price, the makeup of the leadership team suggests that Haven is looking to build a “risk-based clinically integrated network.” This network might consist of a curated group of doctors – chosen based on performance, cost and other factors. The clinical network would then work to build trust with employees and guide them to the most appropriate care for their particular needs.

Until more is known about Haven’s strategy, it’s difficult to say how it will affect healthcare. But the fact that three players of such stature have come together to do something about healthcare for their employees suggests that their efforts will have some type of effect, even if that effect is nothing but firing up other healthcare entities to innovate.

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