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People Are Now Spending More Time on Mobile Devices Than Watching TV

by Sara Foster | Jun 21, 2019

We saw this coming but it has finally happened: mobile device use has outpaced watching TV.


A new report from eMarketer found that the average US adult will spend 3 hours, 43 minutes (3:43) on a mobile device and 3:35 watching TV this year. Over three-fourths (78.5%) of mobile device time will be spent on smartphones. 

More data from the report includes:

  • The average mobile user spends 2:57 using apps and just 0:26 using mobile browsers.
  • The most common app use is listening to digital audio (mostly music and podcasts).

An interesting prediction from eMarketer is that mobile device use will level off by 2020 because of user concern about spending too much time on mobile devices.

Does your marketing strategy take into account the increased use of mobile by consumers?
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