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The CMO Role: Changing and Expanding

by Sara Foster | Sep 23, 2019

Of all the occupants of the C-suite, probably none has been more customer-focused than the chief marketing officer. However, with the rise of consumerism and laser focus on customer experience, it has become more imperative for the CMO to work across the organization to guide the businesscmo

In today’s consumer-focused environment, CMOs have become the champion for customer experience across the organization. A survey by Accenture found that 90% of organizations consider their CMO to be the “connective tissue” across the various lines of the business.

It is a basic marketing function to know and understand an organization’s actual and potential customers. With this knowledge, the CMO can work across the organization to ensure a seamless and exceptional customer experience across all touch points.

By serving as collaborators, CMOs can work to transform the business in the same way they are working to transform marketing in the era of disruption. CMOs are also best positioned to champion the move to customer experience management – what Adobe’s CMO Ann Lewnes calls “digital transformation 2.0.” Lewnes says, “[It’s] the new frontier for customer engagement, and brands that can deliver will win the hearts and minds of customers for years to come."

Today’s CMO needs a specific skill set to meet the new demands on the position. Such skills include:

  • A sense of product DNA and character in order to determine the difference between a good product and a not-so-good one.
  • Being digitally and technically oriented and understanding of the various skills necessary not only for the marketing team, but throughout the organization.
  • Knowing the entire business from the ground up.
  • Being obsessed with data and knowing how to use it
  • Being a champion of creativity
  • Cultivating and promoting partnerships within the C-suite
The role of the CMO will only continue to expand, requiring the ability to wear multiple hats and taking on the chief responsibility for customer experience, growth and the overall digital presence. 
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