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Consumerism in Healthcare Affects Patient-Provider Relationships, Attitudes About Data

by Sara Foster | Nov 19, 2019

Consumerism has become a trendy topic in healthcare. In fact, a recent survey found that consumerism is one of three major trends in healthcare, along with how patient data creates opportunities and consumer attitudes about sharing health data. Consumerization-of-Health

As technology changes and develops, so does the way in which consumers interact with the healthcare system. Healthcare consumers are much more active in learning about health conditions and procedures and in working with providers to establish a care plan.

Rock Health partnered with Stanford University to produce the Digital Health Consumer Adoption Report 2019, which looked at consumer adoption of digital health tools. Findings from the survey included:

  • Since 2015, the number of survey respondents using digital health tracking tools has increased each year. In the latest survey, 42% of respondents reported using at least one health tracking tool. 75% of respondents using health tracking tools shared the information with their provider.
  • Looking up health information online was the most popular use of digital health tools for 76% of respondents.
  • While just under one-third of respondents (32%) use telehealth visits via live video, this use has increased from just 7% in 2015.
  • Sharing data is still a concern, with fewer respondents willing to share data now than in 2017. However, 73% were more likely to share data with their physician (down from 86% in 2017), while only 10% were willing to share with a tech company.
  • Younger patients age 18-34 years are more likely to search online to find a diagnosis to present to their provider than are patients over 55 (68% vs. 41%).
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