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Excited, Exhausted and Grateful

by Kathy Divis | Nov 24, 2010
I spent the last week at the 14th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference, and I’m not sure I can accurately describe how I am excited, exhausted and grateful all at the same time. The Conference had an all time record attendance – over 570 folks for 100s of organizations country-wide – and what a great time. The keynoters were great from the kick off with Scott Linabarger from the Cleveland Conference to gaining an understanding in the Day in the Life of an e-Health at UWHealth through Becky Broering’s eyes. We also had great insights from David Harlow, Brian Solis, Rob Curley and Mark Gothberg. If you missed it, you missed a lot. Couple the marvelous keynoters with 29 concurrent sessions and lots of networking and social opportunities … what an exhilarating week. So what are some of the key takeaways from the Conference:
  1. “Conversations” are more important than marketing. More than ever people want to have conversations about your products, services, hospitals, doctors … not read your “marketing-speak.” And the opportunities for “conversations” have never been greater and will only continue to grow.
  2. Search is changing. There is evidence everywhere that search is changing and will be significantly different a year from now – mobile search, voice search, augmented search, etc. Check out Siri, Google Goggles, etc.
  3. Mobile. Everything is going mobile and mobile will change everything. You must have a mobile strategy for all your Web properties including the public site, the intranet and your various portals.
  4. Connectivity. Over the coming months and years, patients will demand connectivity with their doctors, caregivers, hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices. Whether it is Internet-based or provided via something like Skype, it is going to happen.
If you missed the event, take a few minutes to check out the Twitter stream by searching on the hashtag #hcic. The conversations were frequent, fast and invigorating. Hope to see you all at the 15th Annual in Orlando next Fall. And this week, enjoy your family, friends, turkey and football and remember to take a moment to say thanks for all your blessings. Please know that we, at Greystone, are grateful for all you -- our colleagues, our clients, our attendees, our exhibitors and sponsors, and of course, our friends. Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Greystone.Net.
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