Laura Clemons
  • Mini-Case Study: A Website Makeover for Billings Clinic

    by Laura Clemons | Jan 20, 2017
    There’s more livestock than people who live in Montana (3:1, to be exact). But even though the state has a tiny population, Billings Clinic wanted to pay more attention to the people visiting its website. During “Patient Experience and Brand Perception from the Perspective of Your Digital Audience,” Lynne Pinnick, Web Marketing Coordinator, explained how her team made this transformation happen.

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  • Health Content - Is It Filler or Is It Fundamental to Your Web Strategy?

    by Laura Clemons | May 12, 2010
    Health content is essential to the success of a hospital’s Web site. If a patient or user is searching for information on a particular diagnosis or treatment but are unable to find relevant information on your Web site, they will not only visit another site, but their experience may also leave a lasting negative impression of your organization. As

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  • The person behind that user session

    by Laura Clemons | Dec 16, 2009
    Recently, Greystone.Net was helping a client hospital with a business plan for its Web site. As part of the arrangement, we designed, launched and managed a web satisfaction study for them. This is something that we are doing more and more these days, as organizations seek to add customer input into their redesign efforts. My background is in resea

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