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The Latest Hospital Digital Marketing Articles

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Winning Over Decision Makers to Obtain Marketing Technology

Oct 14, 2021

For most marketers, the goal is to have an always-on, automated operation that runs 24/7. This requires technology, which requires budget approval from senior leadership. How do you get buy-in from the C-suite? image portraying various types of marketing technology

First, you’ll need funds allocated to buy the technology. It’s not just marketing that wants more money – all departments within the organization are competing for funds. And after a year of pandemic belt tightening, it will be even more difficult to make a case. Here are some tips for pleading your financial case:

  • Use success as the basis for your discussions. Being assertive about impacting customer lifetime value (CLV) with new technology helps to tie the desired tech to measurable business outcomes.
  • Silos won’t work. Success with new technology is best achieved when people and processes are centralized. Testing and experimentation can be more vigorous with centralized communications.
  • Marketing operations is key. The organization should have a committed, full-time staff of marketing professionals. The people are as important to digital transformation as is the technology.
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