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Are QR Codes relevant for YOUR mobile strategy?

by User Not Found | Oct 05, 2011
The conversation continues about QR codes. According to Mobio™, QR barcode scanning in North America grew 1200% in the last half of last year. Quick response codes already make sense with consumer products for purchase information, competitive pricing information, coupons or discounts, but how are they relevant for healthcare? Relevance is the key question about how QR codes can work with your healthcare marketing strategy. Are you just adding QR codes because it’s a hot ticket right now, or do you actually provide a value added to your current or prospective patients? Does that value added apply to your target market? Does your target patient even use smart phones? Do they even know what a code-reader is, let alone have it on their phone? Your mobile communication strategies need to be relevant to your customers in order to improve the experiences of your customers. These are important points to think through before you jump in this still emerging communication strategy. Practical application is key! QR codes could be used to direct patients to virtual tours of your facility such as maternity tours, campus maps, increase Facebook likes, increase blog subscribers, downloads free vod/pod casts on a particular service. Whatever the use, it is important to remember the relevance they bring to the organization’s strategic purpose. Also, remember to have your QR codes link to a mobile-friendly Web site. What’s the purpose of implementing QR codes into your mobile strategy if there’s no mobile-friendly Web site for the user to connect to from their mobile-friendly device? Finally, always remember to test, test, test! You need to ensure the QR code will work on multiple wireless devices before the campaign goes live by testing multiple readers and mobile-friendly devices. It’s a fast-paced market out there…not only staying ahead of innovation, but also integrating creative solutions into a mobile strategy that works. Make sure you’re thinking through all the points to your strategy.
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