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Audio-Only Social Competition Heats Up as Reddit Develops Its Platform

Apr 19, 2021

Have you jumped on the audio social train yet? Clubhouse, the social media audio-only platform, has taken off since its launch a little over a year ago. And now, in the wake of Clubhouse’s popularity, the competition is starting to heat up. Reddit is the latest platform to attempt an audio presence with audio rooms. image of Reddit logo

Although development of an audio feature on Reddit is still in the beginning stages, according to Mashable, it appears that the platform is looking at a form of moderator-run voice chats, although Reddit has not acknowledged this.

The existing chat features within the Reddit platform became popular during the COVID-19 shutdowns, so more options for this type of engagement within platform communities are being looked at. Reddit already has a live-streaming function, so an audio-only function could be easily developed from the video streaming infrastructure.

A potential Reddit audio-only platform would join similar offerings from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, Discord, et al.

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