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Contextual Ads Are On the Rise

May 19, 2021

Mobile advertisers are having to change tactics to reach consumers, due to the implementation of changes to Apple’s Indentifier for Advertisers (IDFA) and the demise of third-party cookies, as well as changes in privacy regulations. Personalization and one-on-one targeting are out, contextual ads are now inimage of a person using a smartphone

In addition, changes to online consumer behavior as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are leading advertisers to go where the greatest growth has occurred – gaming, kids' programming and entertainment.

According to a survey administered by Advertiser Perceptions, a business intelligence firm, 70% of mobile advertisers say that ad context has become more important. Their survey obtained responses from 252 advertisers in December 2020.

More findings from the survey included:

  • Over half of advertisers will increase spending on gaming and kids’ programming. Prior to the survey, only 36% of advertisers spent on gaming and 15% on kids’ programming.
  • Advertisers plan to increase spending on lifestyle and entertainment content.
  • Due to lockdowns in 2020, 37% of survey respondents said they had decreased or completely stopped using location-based data, while over half (57%) were satisfied with approximate location data.
  • Advertisers plan to increase spending in booming areas such as podcasts (57%), e-commerce (50%) and video (49%).
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