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The Latest Hospital Digital Marketing Articles

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Delivering a Seamless “Digital Everywhere” Experience

Sep 23, 2021

There has been talk of a “digital transformation” for years, but that transformation leaped ahead exponentially in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Consumers who were demanding “digital everywhere” well before the pandemic continue to expect an enhanced digital experience from the organizations they interact with. Now is no time to rest on one’s digital laurels. image of a smartphone connected to a stethoscope

It’s crucial to keep the customer top of mind when planning and executing digital strategies to connect with customers. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Shortcuts are not your friend. Sure, it’s easy to confine your digital efforts to one tried-and-true channel, but you’re cheating yourself in the end. Your customers have different contact preferences and it’s up to you to find those preferences and meet them.
  • Grow your digital presence without becoming redundant. Putting the same message out on all your digital channels won’t be productive in the end. Different channels have different uses and audiences. If you’re using automated channels like chatbots, you should provide some customization that is customer driven. You should also offer the opportunity to connect with a live agent if needed.
  • Make the journey seamless. Marketers talk about the “customer journey” and divide the journey up into various stages. But customers don’t think that way. They move back and forth across different channels as they go about their lives. They aren’t thinking about being in the retention stage or “make them an advocate” stage. The important thing is figuring out what their needs are and meeting those needs.
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