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CX Quality Framework for Better Outcomes

Nov 15, 2021

While the importance of CX (customer experience) grows, many organizations lack the proper framework to measure impact and develop a unified, holistic approach to CX strategy. According to Gartner, 70% of CX leaders report struggling to develop processes to improve customer loyalty and outcomes. photo of a woman using a smartphone with a 5-star experience rating

Some challenges to developing CX approaches include:

  • Not listening to all of the data available, even though most organizations have a large amount of it
  • Inability to analyze data effectively
  • Not prioritizing the best actions
  • Lack of CX commitment across the organization
  • Increasing complexity of customer journeys
  • A one-off approach to solving smaller issues individually rather than a holistic approach involving the entire system

What’s needed is a new type of CX framework that can consolidate, analyze and visualize experience data into a format that can inform fast, smart decision making, thus helping to improve metrics such as CSAT and NPS.

What does such a framework include?

The starting point is listening. It involves much more than surveys – data must be collected from all channels and in all forms of feedback – direct, indirect and inferred. Feedback includes:

  • Contact center conversations, transcripts and open ends
  • Customer feedback via email, SMS, post-call IVR surveys, websites, mobile devices
  • Operational data from interactions from locations such as contact center, digital and locations
  • Inferred behaviors sentiment and emotion
  • Employee feedback

Bringing all this information together will require a thoughtful selection of tools to unify the data. A unified view of the data helps to supply an analytical real-time view of customer interactions. Seeing results on a series of dashboards affords an overview of many touchpoints.

Most companies already have CX data. It’s just a matter of finding it and operationalizing it with the proper framework.

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